Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend Update

Hi Y'all. Lauren here. I'm sorry that we haven't posted for a bit, it's all because of the majorly slow dial-up in Northern Michigan.Our good friend Adam Basch was getting married in Athens,Ohio this weekend. We really wanted to go but knew Noah couldn't make the 6 hour drive.We thought about having my Mom watch Noah but she was leaving days earlier to go up north to her cottage.We were really sad to miss Adams big day. :( Eventually though, Noah,Jon and I decided to head up north, but now we're back! It's really good to be home but we did have a lot of fun. Jon and I found that it is quite stressful to travel with Noah and all of his gear. While Noah absolutely loved the attention he got up north from his grandparents,uncle and friends, I think he is very happy to be home too. Below is a mish mash of photos from our trip and today. Some might be similar as we uploaded both Jon's camera phone and my digital.

A few highlights the our trip:
Well, we went into Traverse City for a lunch of Pasties (the food,not the stripper things!) and pie. Jon and I heard on the radio show "The Splendid Table" on NPR about two places in Traverse City worth going to. One was "Cousin Jenny's Cornish Pasties" and the other "The Traverse City Pie Co.". The pasties were pretty good and the cherry pie great! I'm sure Jon will review later.

Saturday Noah, Jon and I went up to Harbor Springs (what I consider to be my second hometown). It's SO beautiful on the bay! We went to visit my Father, stepmother and brother, Taylor. Lauretta is my stepmom. I'll have to think of a name Noah can call her, she's too young to be a "Grandma". My Dad pulled out his new gas powered tree trimmer. I laughed so hard. It was weird to see my Dad the shoe designer who used to live in big cities use a power tool in the woods. Really odd.

Sunday we had the annual Twin Lake 4th of July party at my Mom's house. You see, my Mother and her three best friends all have cottages on Twin Lake. It's really neat. All of the couples drive their boats over to each others houses. It can be a lot of fun, especially when all of the "kids" are up. We grew up together.

Monday Jon and I decided to head home. To avoid massive traffic, we took 127 south, down through Lansing. We hit a HUGE storm! It was the largest down pour I have ever seen! Luckily were were near East Lansing so we decided to stop. Being the 4th, everything was closed. So, we just parked in the MAC street parking structure until the storm passed a half hour later. I was bummed because we really wanted to get out and walk around East Lansing a bit. That's where our alma mater is:GO STATE!

That brings us to now and non-vacation stuff and the BIG,FUN news!!! Noah!!!

Sorry, I know this is a tad annoying, but our little guy had a ton of firsts and new accomplishments this week. I just have to share. A friend told me last week that her child really went through a period of huge growth developmentally between 7 and 8 months. This past week Noah was 7.5 months old and it was like WHAM! New things started happening. Here is a list of the neat stuff...

For starters Noah is really mobile now. He can crawl around in his own little way. He kind of pulls with his arms and then tip toes forward. He can crawl backward on his hands and knees normally, so go figure. We bought baby gates today because Noah has crawled out of his playroom a few times now. We also bought a bunch of baby proofing things because he goes for everything that isn't a toy!

Also, the other night we walked in to Noah's room up north and found him squeeling with joy because he learned how to pull up to a stand in his portable crib. Now he is pulling himself up to a stand everywhere. He pulled himself up today on Dad's pajamas, on his exersaucer, the table, a chair. I think Noah might be an early cruiser, walking from furniture piece to furniture piece. He can stand and place and often holds on with one hand, he's pretty good!

Another first this past week was words! Being around so many people for 5 days really got Noah babbling more and more. He's getting good at linking syllables together. It's funny because he only babbles when in the right mood, usually at calm, quiet moments at home. This week Noah has been saying "Dada" and "Mama" and "Egg". I doubt that he has any idea what these mean, ESPECIALLY egg. He did though, turn to Jon this morning ,looked him in the eyes and said "Dada". It was VERY adorable.

Noah also started grabbing small objects with his forefinger and thumb. This is called the "pincer grasp". Since he can do this now, Noah has started finger foods. He loves rice puff snacks and tiny peach slices. He also enjoyed strawberries, cherries and apples cut up. I did turn around only to catch my brother feeding Noah hummus on pita bread! HELLO!!!Don't do that!!! Noah loved the hummus, needless to say. My Mom gave him a piece of Swedish meatball too. It was a week of many flavors for Noah.

Finally, Noah started using his "Big Boy Carseat" today! I think he really liked being able to see out the window better. I don't blame him.

Well, that's about all. Sorry about this LONG post, but we have to keep our people informed! :)

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Judy said...

Wow, Noah is really moving up! Good for him! Isn't it fun to watch them grow by leaps and bounds???