Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Vacation

Last night I had a very vivid and somewhat scary dream. I dreamt that Jon was making Noah and I go with him on vacation to Israel although I REALLY didn't want to. I was freaked out and didn't know how to get Noah and I out of going. Finally, as a last resort, I did the only thing I could think of to stop the trip. I had a total, public melt down at the airport. I started crying and yelled "I won't go! I won't go! I don't want my baby going to Israel, it's too dangerous"! I was so loud and embarrassing that Jon quickly said "ok! We won't go but where can we go on our vacation now"!? So I suggested to Palm Beach to see my brother. So, we all boarded a plane and went down to Palm Beach. Turns out that Palm Beach was very close to Florida's Wine Country so we spend a few days there at the vineyards. Florida's Wine country was nice.

Interpretation: I think this dream means that I don't want to go to Israel and that I secretly really want a drink. Jon thinks I need to lay off the "only Simchas" site.

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Judy said...

I agree with the needing a drink part! HAHA