Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The New Addition!

Tonight I received a great Little Tikes slide from my stepsister. Why would I need a slide when another one is on it's way in the mail you say? Well, I'm a sucker for slides and anyway, who can pass up a free Little Tikes toy? I love this castle side and Noah loved it even more tonight. I have to help him get up and slide down but I know before long he will be climbing all over by himself. My nephew Nathan is almost exactly 1 year older than Noah. Nathan was given this slide by my parents for Christmas and he has out grown it already! It just reminded me just how quickly kids grow. I had to take the baby swing and jumperoo out of the room in order to make space for the slide. Who knows where the next one will go!! It was so sad for some reason to take the swing and Jumperoo away, but I plan to rotate them in and out of the room along with the exersaucer.

This playroom is great , I really love it. The room used to be the third bedroom-slash-my art room. This was before Noah came along. I would sit in here and craft or draw or paint. It was hard for me to give up my own little personal space, but only for a split second. As soom as the bright rug went down and Noah's toys came in, I was so happy that he would have fun room to play in! So my paints went down to the basement and Noah and I spend everyday in this happy room!

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little kernel said...

Darling! Absolutely darling!!