Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Meat and no-potatoes latke

Monday night I was starving by the time Noah went to bed, because a lot of the time I don't eat dinner until he's asleep. A) I want to spend time with him instead of cooking; and B) you can't cook elaborately while you are keeping an eye on a baby who can crawl.

Anyway, back on track. I needed to make something fast and substantial. This is assembled primarily with leftovers and herbs from my own garden. It was delicious, full of protein and crunchy but not greasy. All in all, a great combination. Here's how to make them.


Leftover steaks, say 8 oz.
1 Leftover Hebrew National kosher beef hot dog if you happen to have one
1 medium onion, quartered
One big handful fresh basil, red basil and chives (note: use what ya got)
1 extra large egg
Matzoh meal or bread crumbs
Sea Salt
Black pepper
2 Tb vegetable oil


Mince onion and herbs together in food processor and set aside. Finely grind beef in the food processor and stir in herb/onion mixture. Don't be too delicate, go on and stir that thing. Add sea salt and black pepper to taste and crack the egg over the bowl. Mix in the egg and then add enough matzoh meal or bread crumbs until the mixture is just a tiny bit loose. Heat the vegetable oil in a medium skillet until pretty hot, somewhere between medium-high and high, because you are want a nice crust on these. Using your hands, form the mixture into patties of about 1/3 Cup, and place them gently in the oil. Flip once when nicely browned (don't check for about 3-4 minutes so they have time to firm up) and place on paper towels to drain for a moment before serving. Serve with heinz ketchup.

Note: Another hit of sea salt might be nice before serving, and these are even better if you re-warm them in the oven the next day.

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Nathan said...

Wait a second, what do you do with the hot dog?

Am I missing something?