Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Look What's Coming to Play!

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Hi ! We're sorry there were no new posts yesterday. Noah is keep us pretty busy with his cruising. I just situated him on the ground with his elmo doll, elmo book and elmo rattle while "Elmo's World" is on Sesame Street at the moment. Sure enough, three seconds later, Noah is now standing at the couch, trying to pull my toe off. I'll have to make this post quick!

ANYWAY....Noah as you can tell is really getting into this cruising/climbing thing. We bolted our table in the playroom to the wall so he can't pull it over. Although pretty safe now, I'd rather not have Noah climbing the table. So....check out what Jon and I found on ebay! This is the Little Tikes Peek-a-boo climb and slide tunnel. Noah can climb in, slide down and hopefully cruise around this instead of the table. I'll post more when it gets here! I, I mean WE can't wait!!!!

Originally uploaded by How Bourgeois.


Kendra Lynn said...

That will be fun for him, Lauren!
We got the girls a slide last year...and they won't stay off it! :)
Its always good to have a good climbing toy for the kiddos...keeps 'em out of trouble. :)
Love you.

Judy said...

I love it! I'm going to have to look for one as well!

Hey, email me and let me know what formula you are using with Noah - I have a check for $8 off Enfamil Next Step (ages 9 -24 mos) that I'm either going to sell on ebay or give away!

Jonathan said...

I emailed to find out when it's getting here; no word yet.