Thursday, July 14, 2005

HB Produce Thursday Presents: We're Back!

A special occasion: here is my first tomato of the year, a red grape tomato.

And here is the world's tiniest tomato salad, for two. Salt, California olive oil, 1 extremely fresh tomato. No cutlery. Tastes like summer.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the garden:

Here's my first habanero of the year (look closely).

My second red grape tomato.

The whole mess of basil and peppers.


Judy said...

My FAVORITE tomato! I love Grape Tomatoes! MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

This is the WEAKEST produce Thursday I have seen to-date. Seriously Jon, make a stinking effort...some of us NEED to know the history of the grape tomato, its first appearance in public, it's potential in future summer salads, etc...pony up, dude!