Thursday, July 07, 2005


Nothing like a summer cold to suck all the fun our of your week. I have been stuffed up off and on since last Friday, and this morning I woke up on the day I had to return to the office with packed sinuses, a headache and total fatigue. I also forgot to set the alarm last night, which meant a half hour to get out the door, and with no time to trim the week's beard I had accumulated before I shaved it off in the shower. Ow.

Now I have been here almost two hours, and I am just starting to feel slightly OK after Sudafed, Pepto-Bismol tablets and a very cold Coca-Cola have had a chance to start working their magic. Which is great, because the catch-up work is considerable, even though I only missed threee business days.

It's worth it though, because I got to spend a solid week with Noah, the longest stretch I have been able to be with him since he was born. It turned out to be a big week for him developmentally, what with the standing increased mobility, so I am glad I could be there to catch all of that.


Lauren said...

Um.....don't drink Coke in the morning.

Judy said...

Hope you feel better soon!