Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Teething Bagels

We went to Toledo on Sunday for my mom's birthday. Here's my bubby and Noah and my dad.

It seems like we always end up at Barry's, probably because you can make a lot of noise and no one cares. Here's Noah trying a "teething bagel." He liked to bang it on the table a lot more than he liked chewing it.

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joanne said...

Hi Jon, Joanne Treuhaft here. Zak has a daughter Eliza. She is 8months old. He asked me to send him some teething bagels for her
(she loves them and it keeps her quiet and entertained for a long time on their outings in the stroller in NYC. I was looking up on google a picture of a teething bagel and came up with your blog. Hope all is well. Fond memories of you. Joanne