Sunday, June 05, 2005 Find a Home - Listing Detail

This is the oddest, most random thing - I was looking through for multi-family houses in San Francisco, and when I saw this listing I thought, "hey, that looks like our house!" So I mapquested it - and it is our house, right on the corner of 25th Avenue and Judah!! We lived on the third floor of the tan house in the background (next to the bue one). The right window is the kitchen, the middle the bathroom, and the left the back bedroom. The odds against seeing this seem pretty high.

Too bad I don't have the $900,000, it's a great place to live. Right on Judah Street is kind of tough though, because the Muni tracks run right in front of the green house. Living around the corner you do get used to the house shaking and after a while, but I would think it might be tough if it ran right by your front window. Thousands for people do it though. I guess it comes with the territory, plus you never miss your train.

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