Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Really Lucked Out in the Husband Department

It's late and I'm tired so please excuse the poor grammar and bizzare spelling but....I REALLY LUCKED OUT IN THE HUSBAND DEPARTMENT! I just have to tell you! Well, as you know today is my Birthday. This morning Jon gave me a gift certificate to Anthropologie and we planned on having carry out dinner with my parents. I thought that was the extent of my Birthday and was quite happy with the low key day. This evening my Mother and stepfather came over and my Mom asked if I could run with her to pick up the dinner she ordered from Pita Cafe. I said sure so we left Noah at home with my Stepdad and Jon and went on our way. I thought it was a bit odd when my Mom came out with like a TRUCK LOAD of food for just the four of us. She kept saying "I think I over ordered, I think I over ordered". You think!!!?? When we got home Jon took me by the hand and said that he had one more suprise for me. We went into the play room and can you guess? SURPRISE!!!!!! There was a bunch of my most loved friends!!!! Boy way I surprised! It was WONDEFUL. Jon had planned the whole thing. How lucky am I ?! Sarah, Nate and Joshua Ross, Dora, Molly, Charlie and Paul, they were all there. I was so surprised!!!:) We ate and chatted and I got a bunch of super nice gifts. The cake was great too. What a great night. Thank you so much everyone, especially my hubby for the wonderful night. I'll never forget this Birthday ever! I feel very loved. :)

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