Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Good Weekend

This weekend was HOt, Nearly 90 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. Yuck!By 2:00 on Saturday I was so cranky (I hate to sweat) that Jon let me turn on the air conditioner to stop my whining. To help Noah cool off a bit, I filled up his baby pool. Noah loved splashing around. The only downside...fleas. Yeah, fleas. I set a white towel in the grass next to the pool. I looked down at the towel 30 seconds later and saw a whole bunch of little, black bouncing bugs jumping all over it. It was scary! I'm not exactly sure what to do but moving the pool somewhere else might be a good start.*

*I just want you to know Lauren wrote this. And the Target post. And the Coney post.

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Laura said...

Oh, I love that picture! Was that Noah's first time in a pool? I bet that he's a water baby, just like Caitlin.