Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Garrett's Bachelor Pad

After dinner we all headed over to Garrett's bachelor pad, his new house. It was AWESOME! We especially enjoyed the ping pong table in the living room. Good job Garrett! Noah had a great time hanging with the dudes, he even crawled for us, yes, CRAWLED!!! Noah can go forward now!!! It's not a pretty and well thought out crawl yet, but he is moving forward quickly! Better baby proof NOW.....no, YESTERDAY!!!

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Judy said...

I totally feel your pain on the dinner/witching hour thing with Noah - Tyler is the same way. We rarely go out to dinner right now - maybe more once he hits a year and is starting to eat table food, but for now, he's just high-maintenance.

WOW look at all the pictures! You rock! I'm going to have to start checking back more than once or twice a day, though, to keep up! HAHA Congrats on the crawling - they are so much fun once that starts! And, they find all sorts of goodies on the floor that you never knew were there!