Sunday, June 05, 2005

Birthday Wish List

Each year for my Birthday, Jon being the wonderful guy he is, tries to find me a beautiful gift. I've gotten jewlery and flowers, bags and even a plane ticket so a friend could visit. While I appreciated and loved all of my past gifts very much, the truth is, I am also simply thrilled to recieve my Birthday gift from Target. Well, I don't really need anything at all, but if he must, just a few little doo-dads is all I need. Jon suggested I snap their pictures so he could remember what I wanted. I guess guys have a hard time keeping lip glosses straight. He suggested I blog it also for some unknown reason. So here my list goes. So far.......
How about one of these for my regular keep the baby from eating my hair ponytail hairdo.

One of these.

and maybe some of these...

I need one in blue. Please e-mail me to inquire size. Just kidding! (ILYA, JUST KIDDING!!!!)

Some lip gloss would be nice. I'm looking for a peachy one.

Jon liked the "Sir Hugs-a-Lot" pajamas so I'll just put them on my list too.

I like these pajamas for Noah.

Oooo...and I really like this!

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Laura said...

Okay Lauren, I'm totally ashamed to ask, but...when is your birthday?