Thursday, May 05, 2005

Power Outage

Power went out in part of the city last night, which left Sarah and Joshua in the dark. So they came over to our house, where there was light and high-speed.

The boys seem to get along!

It's good to have friends, the earlier the better.

(The way these pictures are shot, it looks like they are the same height. I'll let you guess who's less tall).


Judy said...

YAY! Cool baby pics! Love the last one where they look like they are hugging - very sweet!!!!

Judy said...

A question - I am assuming there was another adult present when these were taken - they are so excited and happy! I have a tough time getting pics of Tyler when it is just him and me. He is WAY too interested in the lens cap or my hair or something - it is so hard to get smiley pics! Have you picked up any "tricks" with Noah to get him to give big grins like that?

As for the Little Tikes swing - a big thumbs up. It is rated for 9 months and up, but Tyler loves it now (especially since we outgrew the baby swing a WAY long time ago). We gently push him as dear old Dad discovered he isn't quite ready for big pushes yet (his face told all). Fisher Price makes one, too, and they are about the same. This one has a weight rating of 50 lbs, so it is something we'll be able to use for several years. And, we had one with my older son (and left it with the swing set at our old house) that withstood all sorts of weather conditions. They are GREAT!

Jonathan said...

There were two other people present, and yes everybody had to smile and wave at the same time to get them to smile.