Monday, May 23, 2005

DAN LE BATARD: Detroit is the real pit of the universe

It's one thing when we say it. It is way different when someone from a place with plenty of its own problems knocks Detroit. This columnist from the Miami Herald wrote a typically Detroit-bashing piece in anticipation of the Heat-Pistons series. Let's just have a look at today's Herald front page for a second:

'04 victims still reeling; hmm, haven't cleaned up last years debris, but worried about our highway infrastructure. Thanks.

Faulty contract costs millions
Jackson Memorial Hospital's pharmacy contract was supposed to save taxpayers money. Instead, it cost millions
; Hmm, contract mismanagement at Miami's only public hospital. I thought that kind of ineptitude could only happen in Detroit though?

And this from MSN:
Worst Large Cities for Crime
Miami's violent crime rate is the highest in the nation, with especially high incidences of robbery and assault. Thankfully, the murder rate is relatively low. Good, you can be thankful for the low murder rate when you're recovering from that vicious assault robbery.

Look, I know that this article (and the corrolary Album piece) are written in a spirit of fun and are meant to poke the other city's fans in the eye a little to drum up interest in the series. The problem is that neither one of these articles is especially funny, and they just serve to reinforce stupid misconceptions. A waste of ink.

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meagan said...

i hate that. just when you start feeling proud of the city again. actually, some of our hobbies include mayor bashing.

hope you had fun on saturday. i posted all of my neighborhood gossip- well almost all of it. i have about five more homes to do. hehe.

later skater.