Friday, May 13, 2005

Ask How Bourgeois

This morning, Lauren and I are launching a companion blog to this site, entitled "Ask How Bourgeois." This new site will offer daily advice on a wide range of topics to those who need it. If you do not need it, you get to gape at other people's dilemmas. Everyone wins.

Why are we doing this? A couple of reasons. Our new header explains in part:

Welcome to the How Bourgeois advice blog. We are not credentialed (in anything), so this is for entertainment purposes only. We do have strong opinions formed from years of watching our friends' mistakes (well, maybe we made a couple too). Send questions to and we will post insightful replies and baking tips. Unless you prefer otherwise, all personal information will be kept anonymous. Sky's the limit on topics.

We'll try to answer everything, and we'll have a great reference librarian who will help us with the tough ones. Perhaps the best reason I can think of to launch this site is that the real heavyweights, Dear Prudence and Cary Tennis, just don't publish enough if you really want to read an advice column. You shouldn't have to wait until Thursday for the answer - Ask How Bourgeois today!

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Judy said...

Wow - you're moving on up! :-)