Friday, April 15, 2005


If you have not read in a few days, don't go anywhere. The first half of the page is all new, and it has mad style. Here are a few things we covered:

Treasures from Lauren's youth that have migrated to our garage

Produce Thursday Presents: The Banana!

Steaks, Subs and Chocolate

Fuel Economy

We covered a lot of ground! Read down to be fascinated.

1 comment:

Judy said...

Whew - I need a nap after reading all of that!

Yay for banana week - I know Noah is stoked. Tyler just salivates when you say ba-na-na...mmmm.

Lauren - you are a brave, brave woman to post those pics! Love the bike - I had a yellow bike with a banana seat - can you still get bikes with banana seats? That was the BEST! And, save that cookie monster chair for Noah - he will LOVE it! And, you might want to check out how much that ewok is on older son is a HUGE Star Wars junkie (plays with my hubby's old toys from the 70's) and I know that stuff has been going for top dollar lately.

Gotta scoot - I'm making my list for the store so we can have banana splits this weekend (Tyler will just get the banana!).