Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Birmingham Weekend Car Roundup

Saturday was extremely beautiful, so we spent most of the day in downtown Birmingham. As always, I was struck by the quality and variety of vehicles people were out preening in.

Here is a new Benz CLS 500. Have not seen one of these in traffic yet - and I am really struck by how small it is compared to the Dodge Intrepid i left in for reference! It still has amazing road presence, even if it does look like my Uncle Harry's Cadillac Seville from the early eighties melted.

Here is just a sweet T/A. Love these, right? They're getting better with age.

La-di-dah, I am just out for a little drive in my $300,000 convertible. Crazily, I have seen this parked at a meter before. Hate to get a door ding on this, but maybe you just don't care if you can afford to buy this.

This is one of those guys who likes to keep the motor revving at the light.

And finally, even though there is nothing special about this Buick, it is free if you but the house in Birmingham it is parked in front of. Not sure why someone buying a million dollar house in downtown Birmingham wants a white Buick (there was a Benz E55 parked in the drive across the street), but if this works for them then I will buy a Kia to incentivize whoever buys our place when we sell it.

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