Monday, March 28, 2005

Our First Trip to the Zoo

Today was Noah's first trip to the zoo! We went together with Sarah and Joshua, what a great day. Sarah has a yearly pass and now we do too. Our family pass was given to us by Paul for Christmas, what a wonderful gift. Sarah was saying at the start of the day that it was great to live so close to the zoo because we can just hop in the car and run down for a couple of hours. By the end of the day we realized that although we live only a few miles away, going to the zoo with two four month olds takes all day long. It started at 8:00am when Sarah and I made our plans to go. I didn't get to Sarah's house until 11:30. That's how long it took us to put the babies down for a morning nap, shower,dress, pack the diaper bags,get the kids up, feed them, change them and get them in the car. We still didn't get to the zoo for another hour because we had to put my carseat in Sarah's car, load the strollers, the bags, the blankets, make a quick stop to drop Nate's phone off at work and drive to the zoo. I kind of guessed that we would walk the park in 2 hours like it usually takes. Boy was I wrong! In between camels and monkeys and bears we must have stopped 25 times for crying babies, hungry babies, cold babies, wet babies, poopey babies, babies who hate the sun and babies who lost a sock.

The best part was when nearing the end of our day Sarah commented on how heavy Joahua's diaper felt. I said Noah's seemed to be pretty puffy too. We decided to stop off at the bathrooms near the front for a diaper change and headed that way, but not before putting the boys in our Baby Bjorn carriers. Within minutes, while leaving the otter house I sceamed. I was too shocked to get the words out, I just pointed at Sarah's leg and sputtered for a second before screaming..."Poop"! Joshua's diaper had exploded and I looked over just in time to see baby poop running out of his pant leg and onto Sarah. I ran over frantic, trying to help but then a stream of pee pee started coming out also. It was nuts. We laughed and screamed at the same time. In the end all was fine, Joshua got a new diaper and a change of clothes, Sarah cleaned up ok too. I only regret not going back to the spot of the accident for a picture of Joshua's baby poop all over the sidewalk. I hope they let us back in.

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Judy said...

Tried to post a comment last night, but Blogger was being a turd, so I'm posting today!

LOVE the zoo story! Tyler enjoyed his first trip to the is nice to take them before they become mobile. After that, it is somewhat of a nightmare (or it was for about two years with my older son). We love our zoo, though. Definitely a fun place for all ages!