Thursday, March 31, 2005

HB Produce Thursday Presents: The Asparagus!

Finding those fabulous asparagus at Papa Joe's the other day, along with the advent of spring, has me thinking it is time to talk about this stalky shoot. is published by the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board, and includes a great list of Michigan suppliers. Writing Produce Thursday has really opened my eyes to the wealth of fruits and vegetables available from local Michigan producers. Maybe if we make an effort to seek them out and use their products locally, we can all eat better. Most people do not have places like Papa Joe's two minutes from their house, and while the asparagus were a deal, a lot of their food is out of range for most people.

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Judy said... of my favorite veggies! Too bad I'm the only one here in my house that truly appreciates the taste of good, fresh asparagus. Maybe I'll buy some this weekend at the store and educate my men!