Wednesday, February 09, 2005

OK, we have a problem.

We admit it. We realized something was wrong when we ordered from Rexy's for the third time in a week last night. This can't continue - it will bankrupt us and leave us unfit for normal food. The problem is it is so good that I do not know if we will be able to stop - there are just too many things on the menu to quit now. I have always thought that there are so many good restaurants it is impossible to have a favorite, but I am beginning to lean toward Rexy's as a contender for that title, if it exists.

Above you will find the Musaman Curry with Beef. I was blown away that the meat had actual grill marks and the potatoes were not just cubed and boiled but ruffled and still had the skin on! This is elegant food. I ordered it hotter than last before, I am up to medium and I will probably hover here for a while. It is hot enough to water your eyes and cause mild sniffling, not enough to keel you over. Lauren ordered the country tofu again, so nothing new theree other than consistent goodness. If you do not here from us in a while, it is because we will be in Battle Creek rehabbing on Grape Nuts.

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