Saturday, February 05, 2005

Gang Dang with Beef

Here is my Red Curry (Gang Dang) with beef and a Fresh Roll. I got mine a little hotter than Lauren's tofu, and next time I am going to get it even hotter. This would be good spicy. Even so it was great and the portion was as huge as the tofu. I think that the main difference between food of this calibre and what we are typically served is that the vegetables were extremely fresh and not at all overcooked. The curry sauce complemented the ingredients but did not need to compensate for them, and that made the meal much better than average. There was a lot of beef, a lot of red pepper, plenty of bamboo shoot and mushrooms. I would have appreciated some Thai basil a la Marnee Thai's recipe, but you know what? It's ok, this was great as-is, and doesn't need to apologize to anyone. I bet we're back there this weekend.

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