Sunday, January 23, 2005

And how they wound up.

It's pretty good. My guacamole recipe is very simple, yet still a secret. The trick is in the proportions, and it is hard to learn those.

How Bourgeois Killer Guac:

The absolute best avocados you can find. Start with two.
Medium grain sea salt (iodized. It's out there)
Ground pepper
Fresh Cayenne Pepper
Fresh lime juice

Halve avocados and sprinkle with other ingredients to taste. Mash with a fork until smooth with some chunks. Do NOT Blend, you will be disappointed.

1. Lemon juice instead of lime (this is a more subtle taste
2. Add a small amount of diced (drained) tomatoes and minced garlic
3. Add a tiny (really minute) amount of California olive oil to mask bland avocadoes. I like "O" brand

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