Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fresh pasta

When Ilya was here the other night I made us a late dinner while we worked on the basement. I made my own fettucine noodles, and tossed them with mushrooms sauteed in olive oil with lemon, garlic, and capers. This meal was so much better than normal because the pasta was a half hour old, and we ate at 11pm. Later dinner + simple home cooking = gustatory satisfaction.

HB Baby!

Living up to the hype

We're doing some work music accessories, and we got a video iPod for the office today. I'm extremely impressed. It's beautiful, the sound is great, it holds a ton of stuff, and the video is pretty nice for a small screen. Most impressive, for the same price as the white 20GB model in the picture, you now get a 30GB device with video. Apple could probably charge $500 for it and people would line up smiling. In terms of looks and function, it is leaps and bounds beyond the old player. If I had my own money for sexy gadgets, this would be on top of the list. Lucky I get to play around with this one for a while.

Jed needs your help!

Did you ever see Les Blank's wonderful documentary "Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers"? If you have, you know the world needs more films about tasty ingredients.

My friend Robb's friend Jed was making a documentary about cilantro, and his equipment was stolen. He's selling t-shirts with this picture (and a nifty brown one) to raise money for a new camera. Here is where you can get one, and here is his story:

----- Original Message -----

Monday, November 28, 2005 1:10:09 AM

From: Jed
To: Social

Dearest IRPS,

I come to you not in search of pity, but in search of awesome.

I've spent about a year working on a documentary about cilantro, the herb.
I've traveled the world talking to people about their love and hatred for
the herb and I'm happy to say that I think I've got the material for a
great little film on my hands.

The Friday before last, I went to a farm outside Ensenada (Baja) to film
the cilantro harvest and got some great footage. Unfortunately (for me),
however, my car was broken into while my key grip and I ate a taco dinner
before we headed back up to San Diego. My camera was stolen, along with
some other gear (I still have my tripod!). Anyway, I can only hope that
the camera is being well-used by someone who really wants it. Nonetheless,
I have to get a new camera to make this movie.

To raise funds to get a new camera, I'm selling Cilantro t-shirts. Now, I
want to make it clear that I don't want people buying shirts because they
feel sorry for me. I'd rather that my customers buy the shirt because they
want one!

You can see the design of the shirts [
http://agentlebossanova.net/cilantro/t-shirts/ ]HERE

While you can purchase the shirts at the site above, you can also pay me
cash if you're interested, which I'd actually prefer. Anyway, I hope
everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Here's to the end of the quarter! Good luck everyone!



Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanks Mike!

Mike Wendland of the Detroit Free Press wrote an article about wireless phone headsets this morning, and our foneGEAR products were prominently featured. Read it here.

By the way, I added his blog to the links on the right.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Where the Heck Have You Been!?

Ladies and gentleman, my fellow Romans and countrymen, I Lauren so and so, am so very sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time. It's not that I don't care, because I do. I've just been as always, busy,tired,lazy,uninspired,procrastinating,frustrated,sad,anxious,trapped and hopeful.
There has been a lot going on and it started almost two weeks ago with Noah's first birthday! I knew that a big, emotional, "Happy Birthday Little Guy" post was expected, at least by a few of you. Heck, I expected on from myself too, but when the time came, I was just too tired to think and write and I didn't feel like working up some truly emotional thoughts for the world. I had just come off of a full week of single parenting while Jon was in Las Vegas. Then came the kidney stone ordeal and then I worked at night, getting ready for Noah's party.

So I do apologize for no one year post. Rest assured, I felt like crying when I realized my baby was now a toddler. It was happy too and I think already I like year number two better than one. Babies are precious and sweet, but toddlers are fun and more independent. I like that.

The party went well. Noah only had mini melt downs every 20 minutes. Jon and I felt so loved by all of our friends and family that came by. We even go Jacob and Joel and Bubby up from Toledo. Next year the party will consist of three guests I decided. That's all I can handle, I think that's all that Noah can handle too.

We had a great Thanksgiving at my Mom's. It was great food, but the true great part was that the Maskin Family joined us. They make up for the extended family I don't totally have. I rarely talk to or see my grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins. We've just never been a close family. It's sad but ok.

Jon, Noah and I were invited down to Dayton for his Aunt Diane's famous Thanksgiving party. Unfortunately, we weren't able to make it because as you remember from Cleveland, Noah doesn't travel too well. I heard this year was delicious as usual, it's quite a big affair! Next year, Jon and I would like to host thanksgiving at our house for ourselves and my parents and his if they'd like to come.

Friday we went to Joshua's first birthday party. It was so much fun. We had sundeas at the famous Ray's ice cream. Joshua at a banana split..WITH HIS HANDS! This is the kid that has only been fed the 4 food groups. I wonder what he thought of ice cream. We then went back to Nate and Sarah's house where he then ate a 5 pound hunk of cake. It was blue, yes, BLUE frosting all over. Check out the pictures. Nate and Sarah have THE nicest family ever, Jon and I really loved everyone. We're so happy to have met the Ross's, it's rare you find such true friends. Oh, and add little sister Meagan in there too, she's a total freak, but that's why I love her.

Saturday was the best day ever. Thank you so much to the ever photogenic Ilya, whom we love with all of our hearts for coming over from about 9:30am until 2:00am to get our buts in gear and clean out the basement! Ilya was home from NYC, and he chose to visit with us and clean and organize and talk all day. The kid is amazing! You should see our basement, look, look at those pictures! It used to just be a room basically, that held boxes. Now it's a functioning family room/playroom. How great is that!?
Thank you Ilya. You and Ilana need to come live in our basement. Laura came by too. She was also home from NYC. As always, it was so good to see Laura. She's home to me. We talked and laughed. We were 16 again.

Jon has been cooking! Eggs with wasabi mayonnaise for ilya... fresh, homemade pasta with a lemon caper sauce, chocolate milk.

Oh yes, and one more thing. I went to the emergency room on Thanksgiving. Priya bit me the day before. She bit my leg after pretending to stalk a wilderbeast. My leg was the wilderbeast. The three deep puncture holes kind of hurt on Thanksgiving morning and they were red. I hoped online to see what I should do and ever site said go to the doctors right away! HUh!? So yes, being that all doctors are closed on Thanksgiving, I went to the ER where they proceeded to give me a tetanus shot and antibiotics. I wasn't late for dinner though. See, sometimes it pays to be a net surfing hypochondriac.

The New Room!

We re-decorated the basement!

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The Cutest Boy Ever!

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Ils and Laura Come to Visit

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Joshua's Birthday Party!

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My Mother is a Painter of Chairs

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Where Are You Elaine?

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Can you tell I've been crying? Our dear friend Elaine from Caribou Coffee just isn't working there anymore. It's so sad, she just vanished one day. We loved Elaine and frankly, she was one of two reasons we went there. The other is for the toys. Elaine, you are missed. (By the way, that's an old picture. I don't remember what I had been crying about. Probably something lame.)

Noah's Birthday Party

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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Challah is great. If you're not familiar, it is an egg bread typically eaten by Jews as Shabbat commences on Friday evening. It has a lot of yeast, a little sugar, and sometimes it can have raisins inside and often has sesame or poppy seeds on top. It is usually braided (there are variations) and when well made it is light and sweet. You always use an egg wash on top. Mine are a little dense, but tasty. I used Joan Nathan's recipe from Jewish Cooking in America, and her recipe has them bake a little too long for my oven. I think this is a 25-minute bread. It's a wonderful book though, and for a historical look at what American Jews eat it is very interesting. I'm going to dial it back a little next time, I think they'll turn out better.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving from Noah!

Happy Thanksgiving!

No one trusts me with a whole turkey yet, so I made some marinated mushrooms to bring over to Lauren's moms house. We were also invited to my Aunt Diane's house in Dayton, but Noah still doesn't do very well with that much time in the car. Maybe next year.

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The recipe for these is from Cook's Illustrated, the magazine for "America's Test Kitchen" on PBS. Lauren's friend Laura's mother was kind enough to give me a year of it, and I have used lots of the recipes. These are made by sauteeing mushrooms in olive oil and lemon juice with salt and red pepper flake, and then marinating them for several hours with sliced garlic, shallot and red bell pepper. They're great, and they smell like liquid garlic and taste like mushroom power.

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Now let's say it's the night before Thanksgiving, the baby's asleep, your wife is dozing on the couch, and you're cooking. Is there something you should sip on under those circumstances? If you said a splash of 8-year old Wild Turkey 101-proof with a drop of filtered water, you're exactly correct. It's Thanksgiving! Go for the one with the bird on the bottle.

Lauren and Noah and I have considerable good fortune to be thankful for this year, and I hope you all do as well. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!